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We have a large arsenal of products that we have developed specifically for our clients. This page only contains the “one-size-fits-all” products.


NSI Aether CRM ERP Financial System

Aether | CRM | ERP | Financial | Business Intelligence | Whatever you need

Once used as a word to describe unexplainable phenomena such as gravity and light, Aether is no less a phenomenon. This web-based, powerful enterprise software is our flagship product.

With modular architecture and client-specific implementations, Aether scales excellently with you and your business. Packed with features needed to run your business – whatever it may be – you are sure to look no further. Whether you need to keep client relations close at hand, do your books, manage resources, salespeople and payroll, Aether is the way to go.

With features such as SMS, email, reporting, accounting, staff & inventory management and much more right at your fingertips on the web, convenience and power prevail. Every part of the system is tailored to your business and modules are added/removed depending on your needs. A full SLA for development and support is offered in order to grow the system in whichever way your business grows.

Security. Power. Individualty. Availability. Enough said.


Solace | Remote Automated Data Backups

Remote Automated Data Backups     A solution for secure, off-site data backups. Whether it’s your accounting or payroll data, or intellectual property of any format, Solace is for you. Solace can be installed, set up and left to do its thing on a scheduled basis. It can be set up to back up however often you like, and you will only really need to physically use it should anything happen to your data.

Let’s face it – your data is a product of 1000s of man-hours – this could quite easily equate to your most valuable asset in your company. Remove all fallible human intervention from the equation.

Choose Solace for peace of mind – a MUST for any SME!


Maia | Document Management

Maia Document Management Solution

A personal recommendation by the NSI developers. Maia is an intelligent Document Management System that is fully Cloud-based and mobile device ready. In a world where there is a growing concern for the “Green Planet”, we tend to rely less and less on printing. So, what do we do?

Maia is installed on each user’s PC and can be used to insert documents into a database by means of drag/drop or by setting up target folders on any machine. These target folders are watched for any file activity and immediately import any new documents into Maia.

Searching is one of Maia’s flagship features – We have developed a DeepSearch technology which searches inside each document to find matches for quick, easy and efficient locating of documents. Documents can be furnished with MetaTags which aid in advanced searching/information capturing for each document type.

Go for efficiency within your organisation. Go for Maia.