What We Have to Say for Ourselves

NSI Solutions was established in 2013 by an enthusiastic developer who is passionate about what he does. The business was started perchance as more and more people learned of him – they needed software to address their needs. He then began to realise niche markets, and got to work at once to provide quality products to the people.

The business started growing rapidly with the advent of Solace (Remote Data Backups) – there was a sharp influx of requests. Our corporate clients came to know and trust NSI as a reputable software vendor, and have consistently raised the bar as to what we can develop. This challenge excites us, it motivates us, and is the ultitmate reason we came to develop software in the first place – always racing against ourselves and pushing the boundary between the known and possible, and the areas nobody would dare to tread.

Dream. Design. Develop. – Our motto which sums us up in a very concise way. NSI Solutions is the child of a dream the lead developer and founding member has managed to realise. The key is hidden inside the design and is a very important aspect of software. After many iterations of the Dream/Design process, Development commences, with a clear picture of the expected outcome.